January 9th, 2010

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hello current roller coaster that is life

This week I turned myself back into an official Californian (which basically includes getting a new license and new plates for my car).  That meant spending three and a half hours in DMV going from this line to that line to this line.   You see, when you get to DMV you either have an appointment (which you scheduled about 4 weeks in advance) or you don't.  If you don't, you go to the front check in desk and you get in the long line to check in.  If you do, you still go to the front check in desk, but you get in the short line to check in.  At that point I was given the forms I needed and a number.  And I got to take a seat. For two hours.  Luckily I managed to read about half of Jenkin's book while I was waiting for my number to come up.  And then, when I got to the second counter, she did my registration and passed me over to another counter to have another woman do my license.  Then when I was done with that woman I had to get in another line to have my picture taken and be fingerprinted.  Then, when I was done with that line I had to go to the testing area and retake the written test so I could prove I know all of the California road rules.  But once I was done with that I was finally free to go.  I love the DMV.

I start school in two days, and I'm looking forward to classes starting.  REALLY looking forward to classes starting.  After all of my emotional up and downs of the last couple of weeks, I'll be grateful to just be doing something that engages my brain in a structured way, instead of me just reading papers and books online on my break. 

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12 things I accomplished in 2009 (done in the order they were accomplished...mostly)

  1. wrote an MA Thesis: Embracing Apocalypse, Sex & Horror; or How Japan Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Cyborgs
  2. Was awarded a Master of Arts in Asian Languages & Cultures
  3. Chose my Ph.D program
  4. Got our house ready for sale
  5. Bargained our way into a beautiful apartment in our old neighborhood
  6. Packed up our stuff & moved to LA & unpacked it on the other side
  7. Got a Japanese conversation partner
  8. Was able to reconnect with my mom for a week in Sept
  9. Celebrated my 15th year anniversary with Neil
  10. Explored and fell into three new fandoms (and still love my first)
  11. Fell in love with 'movie poster' artwork styles and found ways to give them to lots of fandom authors
  12. Got an A+ on my first research paper at new school