January 15th, 2010

b/g - in the library

1st week, over. And a poll!

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which reminds me - I've made some new friends in the last couple of weeks - if you guys want to be on my academic filter, which is basically me wittering, plus article summaries/notes, and the occasional rough draft of a paper, here's a poll for you! Or, if you're currently on it and would like to be removed ... let me know! If you don't answer don't worry, I won't drop people off unless they explicitly ask.

Poll #1512157 Academic filter

Academic filter?

Yes! Add me! I want to read!
No thanks - remove me / leave me off

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and finally, a quick reminder / pimp (click the banner for my thread):

I'm offering stuff to the 5 highest bidders, and only have 3 bids (from awesome people) right now, so if you've got a spare $5 you too can have the graphic you desire