February 3rd, 2010

b/g - in the library

it may be the coffee speaking but YES YES YES

This morning I met with the professor in communications that is teaching the class on fandom I'm auditing and he thinks that the paper I wrote for him last semester is pretty much READY FOR FUCKING SUBMISSION to media journals right now. 

And since he's on the board of all three of the journals he suggested I should publish in, he should know.

AND he almost thinks I have enough material (in terms of what I wasn't able to cover in the article, but still want to talk about) to make this thing into a book project.  AND even if I don't do it via my dissertation work, he's willing to advise me just through office hours and crap to work on it an other projects I want to do JUST BECAUSE. 

AND he's going to write me recommendations for summer school (since i'm applying so fucking late they're due by friday) and he said "i can certainly praise you with glowing words" as if it would be EASY.

those on the academic filter will know who i'm speaking of, because, you know, I tend to overuse caps when I talk about my work that I turn into this guy, but my joy is too much to be contained under lock.

maybe I really am cut out for this stuff.  Now all I need to do is get the time to get ahead in my reading so I can re-edit this paper that I wrote last semester so I can send it to him so he can tell me if I should reedit more, and *then* make time to work on the paper about Torchwood that I really really really have wanted to write since I heard about ask_captianjack