February 13th, 2010

tetsuo - crazy claw girl w/glasses

Surprise Parents!

Guess who are stranded in our fair city on their way back to their home from Puerto Villarta?  That's right, my boyfriends parents!

So guess who gets to sleep on the couch because we don't have a guest room that sleeps two anymore?  That's right, me and Neil!

Actually, I think it's kind of cute.  Except that I did go into panicked cleaning mode (which involves mostly moving the dog hair from one end of the house to the other, frustratingly).  The house is (mostly) ok, the bedroom is presentable as long as they don't open the closet doors, and I've made some coffee for when they get up in the morning.

*shakes head* life, you're awesome.

[icon is totally appropriate in the sense that it's the closest thing i have to a surprise!face - apparently i do not express my surprise on lj that often]