February 19th, 2010

b/g - in the library


I think I'm getting sick - some virus the housemate brought home from work perhaps?  Although the college is a sniffle factory and since I sit in classrooms every day I'm sure there are millions of little germs on the desks and tables and door handles just waiting to attack. 

Luckily its raining tonight so I can pretend I have an excuse not to go outside (and it will probably rain tomorrow).  Yes, I've returned to that mindset that seems to infect all of LA - if we go out in the rain we'll melt.  I think it's partially because the rain is truly cold here in a way it's not in the midwest - I never liked to be wet in Austin, but it was occasionally bearable because it was muggy and you didn't feel totally frozen after a second of getting dripped on.  Here the raindrops are little frozen spears of cold.  However, on my drive home it was kind of beautiful to see all the streetlights and rear car lights reflected in the water on the streets - vibrant reds and yellows and greens splashed all over the pavement.

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it was a long long day.