March 14th, 2010

xander - excited

Why Nick Brendon is awesome and you should love him too

I'm gonna turn all fangirl here for a moment.  Last night was the Nicholas Brendon Meet & Greet, aptly named Nick at Nite.  And it was, in a single word, AWESOME.

That is, frankly, because Nick Brendon is one of the most genuine, amusing, and sweet people I have ever met.  And apparently everyone knows this, and it's kind of obvious, but that's ok, I don't mind learning a little late.  Also, apparently a Christopher Durang play is something you either love or you hate, and I adored it.

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So, in conclusion, if you have ANY way of doing one of these events, seriously, DO IT.  DO IT.  DO IT.  And I do think they're going to be organizing more of these kinds of things in other parts of the country, or possibly here again, so if you're curious check either twitter, or facebook, or

ETA: Now with photographic evidence...

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b/g - in the library

15 Movie Posters

Please, before you read these, read the warnings! There are some WIPs in here, there is one fic that has triggery content, a couple others are pretty dark and angsty. Or, choose the one with the dinosaur on the cover, because, well, it's fluffy & apocalyptic at the same time. By which I mean to say all of these fics are awesome, but I want you all to know what you're getting into, and sometimes all of that simply won't fit into a poster.

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