March 27th, 2010

b/g - in the library

5 things

  1. I had really truly awful dreams this morning - but I woke up with enough of a jolt that I can't quite remember the whole thing.  There were definitely the not-nice kind of vampires in there, and at the end I was being stalked by a serial killer through his own house.  Sounds like every horror story ever told right?  but they were my killer dreams....
  2. it was an absolutely awful post spring break week in terms of work - i spend most of sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday throwing myself at different assignments and driving myself a little crazy with my advisor (she has a little trouble with consistency.  sometimes i think i'm gonna be ok with handling it, because i feel like i can manage her, but when I'm stressed out?  I have no patience for her.  NONE.
  3. our dog now has a citronella bark collar that is definitely curbing her barking.  it's one of the expensive ones so it doesn't go off on a hair trigger or anything (thank god).  She barked twice this morning, instead of the usual 'bark for 10 minutes' at 8:30 am and 'bark for 5 minutes' at 9 am, etc.  However, housemate is still not pleased for some reason - i guess two barks is still two barks too many.
  4. had dinner with one of my darling girlfriends on thursday night, where we realized once again we really like each other and we don't hang out enough.  at least we're in the same city again so it's not a situation where i see her once a year
  5. went and spent yesterday afternoon with another girlfriend at her place - had house envy and caught up on each others' lives before i go back into school-hybernation because the end of the semester is coming up.  I wish we didn't live half an hour away from each other because I'd make her come and hang out with me every week.  but my world is better than it was before because at least now it's half an hour away instead of half the continental united states away.