September 7th, 2010

b/g - in the library

.....AAAAAND 48 hours later, I'm debating on eating dinner at 10 pm

My friends moved me this weekend.  And I don't mean emotionally.  No, they actually helped me remove all of my crap from the mental hellhole I've been living in and packed it up and stuck it in a truck and then unpacked the truck  (i was helping, promise, but the men did the heavy lifting for the most part).  We started at 9 am, and were done and returning moving van at 4:30 pm.  It was absolutely, utterly, completely insane.

But now it's done, and I've made huge inroads in UNpacking everything they packed up.  (well, ok, I've unpacked the books and that makes it look like I've made huge inroads, because I took 5 bookcases and 30 (or so) boxes of books.  Yep, 30. 

Want to hear something funny?  I need more bookshelves.  Everything is double stacked.

Collapse )

So after all that, and after everyone went home to take showers and destinkify, I sat down on my one overstuffed chair, looked at my new housemate, took a deep breath in, and then cried.  Totally reasonable response.  then i got back up, called some friends, and unpacked like 10 boxes of books so I could blow up the borrowed air matress and lay down to sleep.

Today I bought a bed!  It's a twin, which is fitting for the room size but strange because i used to sleep on a queen.  And I unpacked more.  And took the dog for three walks (two short, one longer).  And lost like 4 hours at Ikea.  But bed!  Soon I hope to have pictures to show you all.

And now?  To homework!

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