October 5th, 2010

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Know what would be nice? a break in the crazy

Ok, so DMV stuff taken care of after spending two entire days at the DMV.  But my car is now properly registered and everything is ok in the system.

Sadly, if it's not one thing it's another.  Last night Domino (the dog) was aggressive with Tako (the little dog of the housemate) and managed to leave a very small red dot on his leg (this "dot" is the size of the top of a sewing pin - I'm assuming where her teeth caught his leg - it's not a bite, not a scratch, but a kind of an red indent).  Asha is not ok with this, i'm not ok with this.

The short term solution is that Domino is confined to my bedroom while Tako is in the house. 

The thing is that the dogs actually get along fine for 90% of the time - they even play together.  During the day, when it's either Alex or I here, they mostly lay in two different spots in the living room and don't seem to hang out, and then there are small bursts of play that one or the other instigates, where they chase each other around the room.  (Now, during this play, I've noticed Tako biting, near Domino's eyes, and I meant to talk with Asha about that being a concern, but hadn't yet).  Asha seemed to think we could let them both interact while we were all three there, but the aggressive behavior has always happened while we're all three there (so that didn't really make any sense to me).

I suggested a trainer - but she will categorically not pay for one.  Additionally, when I asked her if she would listen to what a trainer had to say if I brought one in and paid for the consultation myself, she said "Well, I might, depending on what they say."

(which to me equals no, she wouldn't listen)

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So apparently I'm in the market for a new apartment.

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b/g - in the library

30 days notice

Got this email from Asha today:

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So, my options are to crate my dog, muzzle my dog, or pay for doggie day care (which is about $25 per day, so if I'm having her out at doggie day care every day I'm not home, that's $50 a week?  or more if I leave the house?  Or to work with a trainer on MY relationship with my dog, because that's the problem here.  But she certainly won't actually listen to a trainer until after I've done training. 

I'm done.  I gave my 30 day notice tonight, as follows:

Dear Asha,

I do take the dog interaction seriously, and I thank you for responding to my email. I was in contact with the following trainer today: http://www.sandydriscoll.com/ who noted that it is essential that she see both dogs together in order to offer any feedback on behavior modification. I understand from your email below and our conversation last night that you are not interesting in pursuing this as a solution.

I think, at this point, that I need to pursue other living arrangements. Attached you will find my letter giving you my 30 days notice, effective tomorrow. Please confirm via email that you received this.

Thank you,

Hi kate,
Thanks for sending me the link to the trainer. I guess since you have decided to submit your notice I do not need to look in to it. I was hoping you could work with the trainer first and possibly then tako and I could join in.
Unfortunately you are breaking your contract. You are obligated for 3 months and because you are breaking your contract you are not due your deposit. Please look up your renters rights to be clear.
Sorry it did not work out.

Yep, she spent the money.  I think I'm going to have to take a loss on this, because there's no way I could be here for two months.


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