November 6th, 2010

b/g - in the library

My puppy is back!!

I went and picked up my adorable Domino today.  I was going to also take a bunch of pictures of her to commemorate this awesome reunion, but i got lazy (whoops!)

Instead I give you one (not very good) picture of her fluffy self, taken at some point in the last month or so when I was really trying to document my crap in the living room. 

So here she is, back on my LJ and back in my life!!  It was only a week or so, but I really missed having her, even if having her means picking up her poop on dog walks and waking up no later than 8 am every day because she needs to go out.  Because it also means dog tail wagging, and puppy licks, and tricks for dog treats, and petting and snuggling (well, only a little of that, but still).   Like right now she just hopped on the end of my bed.  Yep, I love my dog.

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