November 28th, 2010

b/g - in the library

is the bed moving or is that just residual?

What should have been a six hour car ride turned into a 9 hour car ride.  My body still thinks that I'm hurtling through the world in that steel contraption.  If someone told me right now that I had to get back in it, I would probably beat them in the face with a wet fish, screaming "no!" at the top of my lungs.

Unsurprisingly, that means no long post for me.  I wish I could write paragraphs extolling the joys of my turkey day visit with my families.  In the interest of time and my still slightly trembling arms, I give you instead the bullet points of paragraphs I would be composing:
  • home made (from scratch) pumpkin biscuits, pear-jicama-pomegranate salad, succulent turkey breast, brussel sprouts, orange-cinnamon-cranberry sauce
  • Pumpkin Soup cooked in the pumpkin (with goat cheese and cream)
  • dog walking in freezing cold weather and the tree that lost it's leaves overnight
  • fuzzy sheets!
  • MOM!!
  • little girls having tea parties
  • Dog & Mom: fabulous.
  • Dog & Dad/Nephews/Sisters: amazingly, surprisingly good.
  • Saturday rain dog walking; dog deprivation; dog obsession; dog aggression
  • rewriting mental images
  • finally that random talk i was looking for
  • pumpkin chunkin
  • family history and women's suffrage
  • my nephew(s)' drug use ... one lack, one obviously not
  • smoking, the doing of, the discussion of, the companionship, the cheerful 'you know you'll die don't you, we just want to tell you an awful story' ribbing
  • grandma, death, dying (but not dead yet)
  • prosciutto wrapped dates stuffed with pecans and parmesian - harder to make than you think - salami stuffed with cream cheese, prosciutto feta basil pinwheels
  • my expanding waist line
  • new shoes, printer, wet jet, chinese stool, and sheets!

Oh my god even the bullets are too long! well, maybe that gives you an idea?  Glad to be home, but it was a great trip, not long enough at all (well, the drive home was too long, but the rest went by too quick)

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