December 13th, 2010

tara - happy to see you

Done! With a side of done-ness!

The end of the semester was a little painful, especially since I realized after I'd written the 25 page paper that really my *actual* point was contained within about a 5-10 page stretch, and I should've just tried to write about that.  HOWEVER, while it may have been imperfect and a little wandering, its done!

And now I have been productive girl in all the ways I let slip finishing up finals.  I realized that I will never do the dual turkey day thing with the family again, because while it was super fun to be able to do both events, it sucked up an extra weekend of study time and then I went directly into taking finals after a long car trip and home visit.  I've been living off of home-made burritos and random junk food too, which is not the healthiest for your brain.

But now!  I cleaned house, washed the dog, bought a cute dinning room table from Ikea, reorganized some of my stuff (though there's more to do), managed to find an AWESOME couch and chair off of Craig's list that I arranged to pick up this morning, and am generally having a great time gallivanting around - I pretty much collapsed into bed on Friday night from the paper being done, but then Sat went and hung out with school friends who were almost done with their work and had conversations in a blizzard of red wine and smoke, and then yesterday was Hawk & Miranda's annual holiday party, starting at 3 pm, going till 7 ish, where there was too much scrumptious food, more wine, lots and lots of conversation and kind of awesome awesomeness (and a white elephant gift exchange - I am now the proud owner of a new scrabble game and season six of desperate housewives). 

I'm heading to NCal again mid-week (though thinking Thursday at this point) and staying for a week, then dragging my mom down here for the actual Christmas since I can (and now I have a couch for her to sit on when she comes! hee!), and i think the time of my vacation is just going to rush by like crazy, which is good and bad.

I have art promises for a lot of people, and I'm making a list now and WILL be doing them during the break, PROMISE.

BUT if you don't see your name and I promised you something, let me know ok? 

1. jeyhawk
2. poppetawoppet
3. seductivembrace
4. anyjay
5. brutti_ma_buoni
6. starchild7
7. akavertigo
8. elizabuffy

(order is entirely random and not indicative of when i will be doing what ... just to mess with y'all)

Oh, also, my housemate's room is getting room/boy/ook funk. Any suggestions on how i can tell him without just flat out going "dude, your room has got the funk"? Since I now am not overwhelmed with end of semester stuff I start to notice things like that, you know?

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