March 21st, 2011

b/g - in the library

Monday's child is fair in face . . .

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So yeah, basically, I wasn't feeling glass half full, or silver-lining observant, or anything starting out today.

However, I'm better with Mondays.  I think part of the raise in spirits is that I'm moody due to the quitting smoking, and if I just wait it out a little and keep doing what I need to do my emotional outlook will change. 

And, while I started out this morning not feeling ok, the following things happened:
  • Even though it rained so much yesterday (and thundered hard enough yesterday morning to set car alarms off), the clouds rolled back and blue skies began to peek out as soon as I headed out for school
  • I got free parking when I drove to the university
  • I took my almost-a-month-overdue-book back to the library, and due to a computer system glitch I had NO fines to pay (even though I was supposed to be charged like $15)
  • Going to class was actually fun, even if it was exhausting
  • Co-student was not annoying today - I think I'm finally getting over myself so she doesn't distract me or drive me up the wall or make me want to hit her etc.
  • Talked to my parental units and it was good - I'm figuring out all kinds of things for summer and it looks like it's going to work out ok.  It's not going to be necessarily easy, but it will work out.
  • I caught the broccoli just before it went bad and made myself broccoli cheese soup for dinner, and it was tremendously tasty ... all part of my plan to NOT let things go bad in the fridge but actually, you know, eat all the food I buy.

Day by day. That's what I'm doing, day by day. (so the next couple of days may be obnoxious as i try to list happy things...)

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