April 5th, 2011

b/g - in the library

i'm not here, you don't see me ...

1. Do you all know why LJ sucks lately? It is probably because LJ is actually hosting someone cool:

Russian Government Blamed In LJ DDoS Attacks

LiveJournal Russia, the country's main platform for uncensored political discussion, recovered Tuesday from its biggest-ever hacker attack — which bloggers said could not have been staged without state resources.

The Cyrillic segment of the blogging service, which numbers 4 million Russian-language users, was first hit by a cyber attack last Wednesday.

Hackers used computers infected by malware, mostly in Asian and Eastern European countries, to flood the servers with requests, paralyzing them for seven hours. A second wave followed Monday, again rendering LiveJournal.com inaccessible in Russia.

[ more here at ONTD_political ]

2. I'm not here because I should be reading this book by my professor that we're talking about in class tomorrow. But I'm tired. And mentally burned out a little because I gave a presentation today on a paper I'm going to write for the end of the semester in another class, and it was conceptually ... challenging! And I had to be on my toes! Now all I want to do is relax! gah!

3. BUT, for those of you who have to make presentations, and don't like powerpoint (really, does anyone like powerpoint? well, even if you did, you should try this out because it will convert you), I give you PREZI.COM

you can take a look at my very own CRAZY ASS presentation here

Which gives you some (but only a tiny bit) of an idea about why Prezi is way more awesome than power point. Just be careful - if you're like me, the entire thing will EAT YOUR BRAIN. I literally spent three days working through the conceptual and the technical for this presentation. Hopefully the next time I use it the process will be slightly faster since I know what I'm doing on the technical side. It doesn't help that I was quasi brainstorming Sat night when I started all of this and then sat down on Monday and rewrote half of my talking points.

ok, I can do homework, really I can. I'm going now, really I am. *hugs all of you*

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