May 6th, 2011

b/g - in the library

Ok, I give in, I like tumblr

At first I didn't get it.  I looked at it, and I thought, dear gods, what is that?  Is it useful? Is it entertaining? What?

But then I started playing, and quite frankly, tumblr is better for some things.

- see a picture on some website you like? the tumblr plug-in for your browser will automatically pull it up & tag it for you and in three clicks you're done (as compared to the LJ version where you have to download said pic/upload it or hand code the html, once for the pic if you're going to steal bandwidth and once for the article itself)

- see a video?  again, instant embed.  no opening other programs, no nothing, just search, find, post.

- want to have a conversation where you're sending links back and forth to each other? (and seriously, if you don't have conversations with people where you mention stuff they should see and you should see, or they should read and you should read, or they should look into and you should look into, well... yes, this will not matter to you)  anyway, want to do that?  instead of going and pasting everything into a stupid email, if you both have tumblr you can throw it up there - it's amusing, it doesn't go away, and it's easy to find.  you can have warring posts.

- see something on tumblr you're amused by?  say old pictures of Btvs actors? or a quote by someone? or a video? or ANYTHING?  one button click and you can post it to your own tumblr and add pithy comments (and best of all, it still keeps track of where it came from and where it's going to)

and i look back at using it for the last, oh, month, and I am amused by the things I found - things I simply wouldn't post to LJ because it takes time.  Things I wouldn't post to facebook because I don't go there often enough (and I don't like the interface even when I do).  Things I enjoyed for a brief flash of a moment, that made me laugh, or smile, or whatever.  No, you can't easily comment unless you reblog.  No, it's not easy to tell who someone is following.  No, it doesn't do everything ever.  But it's definitely web 2.0 streamlined, and i have to admit, i like that.

which was really a super long post to say:
a) I'm procrastinating
b) I have a tumblr, and it is here at
c) do you? cuz if you do i'd like to follow you and see what you're about too?

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