July 31st, 2011

b/g - in the library

randomness whiel i'm sick

Some of my artwork has been featured in this cool little article on a website I hadn't heard of, but am amused by, The Cultural Gutter (whose by line is taking trash seriously).

Fandom Is Magic

In the year 2001 I discovered a magical world. Not Harry Potter (that was a few years later) and not the Internet (although it was responsible), but a world that captured my attention and hasn’t let go ten years later. It has to do with fanfiction; unpaid fiction that is written by fans of a cultural product such as a movie, television show, comic book, novel, or anime. But fanfiction wasn’t the magical world I discovered; it was the community of fanfic writers.

[ read more here at the article ]

Also, since I'm sick, I have been watching movies. So, if you're bored, here's my 'as i watched it' commentary on The Rite.  I blame [personal profile] dwg  for it, because I saw her tweets and couldn't resist.  Well, and I was in the mood for bad movies.

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Now I'm watching Wanted, in part because I was reminded of it by [personal profile] seperis , who pointed out there's a baby Charles Xavier in there, a fact I had entirely forgotten.  And this will tell you something about my movie tastes (ie, that they're horrible) because I like this movie.

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