August 30th, 2011

b/g - in the library

is there such a thing as too much paranoia?

Just had a friend find my lj (even though, seriously Blake, I've had this thing for years) and while I was figuring out which trail of breadcrumbs lead to this particular place I wondered about my own negotiations with the online world.

Cuz frankly, I put stuff up on this LJ that would not be politic were they found by a future employer. 

On the other hand, while my username is pretty obvious from a certain perspective, if you met me professionally, and just had my professional information to go on, I'd get lost in the crowd because of my unspecific name.  Or, at least, that's what I hope.  I've tried to stalk myself that way, but it's hard to un-know what you know.  It *seems* to me that if someone is searching for me, they either find my longest name that is only associated with professional associations and a very limited range of data, or they cannot find my short names lost in the mass of other people who are also named that way.

Even if they try to use my name and things that are 'specific' to me.  I don't broadcast my fandom affiliations (though unlike many, I will admit it in my professional life if it's part of the conversation), I don't give out my 'personal'/fandom-related email to anyone who isn't fandom related, honest friend, or family.

But there are links that go back and forth that I haven't been particularly dedicated about erasing, including the fact that for a little while i was tweeting to my facebook account, and now am tumbling to my twitter, and my tumblr links to fandom stuff, while facebook I mostly keep for real-life people.

Then I look at what my niece/little sister (who is 19 going on 16) posts on her facebook, publicly, without having any info locked down, including drug info, when she's skipping work, etc., and I'm like - jezus, what's a bunch of fandom graphics and disjointed musings compared to that?

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