October 5th, 2011


oh hump day. why are you so humpy?

random snippits ....

rest in peace steve jobs.

los angeles cannot function in rain.  seriously.  half of the undergraduates in my film class didn't make it today.  people were literally pissed off at the sky. i got to wear my kicky boots, a short jean skirt, and a collared button down shirt. i considered scarf. and the sun came out in time for me to take Domino for a walk.

i didn't realize there was a huge generational technology gap that would mean my housemate doesn't know what boing boing is.  (well, he does now, but he didn't)

i think i may have actually failed in a white-privilege-way today.  Collapse )

i'm also totally procrastinating on paper correcting because i've done all my reading this week like a good munchkin and i don't want to grade papers!  at least they're only three pages long.  oh though, i want to do a workshop on thesis and how to write one.  seriously.  most of them are ... sad.  very sad.

oh and it's like... 5 days exactly till my birthday and i totally have this list of things i want, but they are so ridiculous that i'm either buying them myself or not going to be getting them as presents because they're ridiculous.  Collapse )

oh, i found out i have eye-health care! yay!  i didn't know that we got that as TAs, and it's awesome!  i hate wearing glasses in the rain (they get dripped on!) but had to because i ran out of contacts a couple of weeks ago.

ok, that is enough random!  goondight all!

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