October 9th, 2011

b/g - in the library

birthday party achieved!!

there are no pictures because i totally didn't bring my camera, but this is the official note that not only did a birthday party happen, but it was GOOD!

two weeks ago i was freaked out.  because i wanted to have a birthday party but i didn't think anyone would come.  or not the *important* people.  or something.  I think I was my own worst enemy - thinking that I'd made friends, but they weren't close enough friends to want to show up for a saturday night or something.  I literally talked myself out of the thought of a party, and then....

my housemate talked me into having it.  Well, as much as any one person can talk another into it, but i said something about wanting to do cocktails and cupcakes and he thought it was a great idea, and why not have a party and then... well, the facebook event went up and there we were.

And I realized that even though some of my best friends in the world are hours or states (or many states) away, that I have friends who will show up and wish me happy birthday and who I have fun with and I love talking with and who are awesome.

Why yes, i have had like six drinks and am barely able to spell, why do you ask?


anyway, this is the post party drunk post, if it wasn't obvious, to the event where people came, they talked, we talked, my worlds meshed, the people i've known forever and the people i've known for a couple of days and low and behold, it was goooooood!

also?  if you ever decide to have a russian themed party, i would heartily suggest white russian cupcakes and black russian cupackes and a drink called the 'moscow mule' made with ginger beer (non alcoholic) and vodka (totally alcoholic) and lime.  They work.  Trust me!

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which means that not only am i not dead (or socially dead and over the hill and too old to throw a party), but i am passing another year in this life in happiness.  surrounded (at least in part) by people I really love. 


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