December 29th, 2011

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tales from the homestead: just a little bit exhausted and this story isn't over yet

somehow I managed to wake up with some kind of food poisoning Tuesday morning and spent most of Tues moving slowly from couch to chair to bed, with a lovely lights out at 7:30 pm throw in.  Wednesday was only marginally better.  The best part of being sick was simply that I was at my Mom's house, so I could rest my headache-y head on her knee and she made dinner and sympathetic noises.  It was absurdly sweet of her.

Mom and I did manage to do a little crafty stuff on Wednesday (something we'd planned for Christmas but run out of time because of the massive cookie baking project) and again today.  We made (but of course, I forgot to take photos of) tissue paper stained glass windows from this book:

Rose Windows and How to Make them

But, like any paper folding endeavor, the instructions ALWAYS end up being more confusing than you think they are. our tips:

- you don't have to put the 'white' background in, and sometimes it's prettier if you don't
- plan on ironing patterns after you've cut them so they lay flatter
- use glue sticks
- the 'ring' frames are the hardest part to cut out and would probably look better if we'd bought colored cardboard to cut them out of
- when you're creating the pattern you're going to cut out of the tissue paper, make sure to fill in the part you're going to cut out

all in all it was a really good visit with my mom, though probably a little too short. I feel like I had a longer break last year, but I suppose part of it was that I didn't have to proctor an exam or grade for my undergraduates, so I was done before finals week was over.

Now though I'm back in sacto overnight, then heading up to visit my nephew tomorrow, then down to Brentwood to visit friends for New Years, then back home.

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b/g - in the library

Artwork roundup: kink_bigbang artwork & thanks for OTW membership drive

The Master List at kink_bigbang is live! Check out all the fics and give them love?

Also, I did arts!

Fic: link to the master index of Complications by [profile] siricerasi
Fandom: Dark Blue
Pairing: Jaimie Allen/Dean Bendis

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Fic: link to the fic by [personal profile] morrigans_eve (forthcoming)
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing: Jess Parker/Hilary Becker

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And in thanks to people who were helping OTW's fund drive, I did these pretties (all images link to the corresponding fic if there is one):

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