September 5th, 2012

b/g - in the library

Konbanwa - adventures are adventurous

Wow, ok. I had this whole post in my head, I've been writing it for days. But let me get this evening's crap out of the way:

I really don't like closing all the windows and throwing the air conditioner on. Really don't like it. Sometimes feel like I'm suffocating when I'm in a tiny house with things closed up like that. Housemate wants to keep the air con on all the time when she is at home - windows closed, everything buttoned up, also *expensive*. I tried talking with her about it tonight and her solution to the problem is that I can hang out on the porch and in my room. And we can turn the air conditioner off when she goes to bed or when she's not at home.

And if I want something else she's going to move out. She's contemplating moving out right now because I tried to talk to her about this and come to a compromise that wasn't the above. Admittedly my suggestions all involved that we would open the windows sometimes. I may be totally fucked if she moves out.

I am totally fucked. She's already annoyed at living with me, and we've been here a week. I shouldn't have gone out of my room this week apparently. And I can't talk to her about not moving out because she's already indicated that I spent too long talking about the air conditioning situation and that she's at the end of her patience.

Ok, so that aside, it's been kind of cool being back in Japan. I have all these other things that I wanted to write about - spending a night on the streets of Yokohama the first night I got in (seriously hilarious), walking around my neighborhood, what my apartment is like, how I'm freaking out a little bit about the level my Japanese is because there are a bunch of students whose verbal vocabulary is awesome, how cool it is to come back to a place that I know a little bit about, how everyone here has a dog and they don't seem to mind if I pet them. How my Mom is a champ for taking care of my dog and how issues have already cropped up with Domino and how I'm a little worried about that. How leaving LA made me reflective in a good way about this journey that I'm on. But I'm going to save those for another night because I'm managing to freak myself out right now about the whole apartment mate thing.

wish me luck kids, wish me luck.

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