October 1st, 2012

b/g - in the library

oktoberfest in japan!

That's right, I'm here to bring you tales of one of the last celebrations you'd ever expect to find in this country, like, ever.

It all started on Saturday when Sam brought over 100 proof rye. This was my payment for editing his writing sample (oh my god, I'm getting over paid here). We honestly only had two drinks a piece - hello! trying to accomplish things! and be coherent! Still, it was a nice way to start off a day, since it was both productive and entertaining.

Now, picture this: a big white tent, about 2000 people crammed outside in those tables that have attached benches, ringed by beer stand upon beer stand upon beer stand. While admission was ridiculously cheep (about $2), the beers were $10 a piece (with a $10 deposit on the glasses that you got back when you returned them). Oh, there was food too - the most authentic sausage, schnitzel, pretzels and sauerkraut.

And in true random outsider fashion, instead of trying to roust out other people and fit at the packed tables, one of our people realized there was a grassy area behind a bunch of the tents that was part of the grounds - of course we ended up there! What kind of an Oktoberfest would it be if we had to sit squished into long rows of tables without backs? Instead our little circle kept widening to accommodate more people, then it turned into a set of mini circles that broke off from the main, constantly recirculating. Mostly we talked and bugged each other - later in the night everyone ended up standing around a stone pylon smoking - Sam managed to give me nuggies (gnuggies?) and I headed home at like 9:30 or something. The good part about having your life regimented via train (and often centering around the last one you can catch to still get home), is that you can just ... go home early ... and not feel guilty about it. Of course there are those who totally party hard who stay awake all night and catch the first trains at 5 am, but i was never one of them and probably never will be.

My friend from Texas who is now working in Japan came down from Tokyo, too, so it was like old home week and new friends week all at the same time. And despite the ridiculous prices it was a really good time. My friend managed to get the phone number of one of the girls who was a friend of a friend (so he was happy), we all managed to talk to each other in english for a couple of hours that didn't involve bemoaning Japanese classes, and seriously, that was worth the $70 or so dollars i spent on food and drink (i kept giving half my beer away because a) not a beer drinker, b) it was in really big glasses and it kept getting warm).

And, just for those of you who are entertained by such things, my new food for the evening is ginger hot chocolate. It's really quite tasty - hot chocolate with a bit of a bite. If you like cinnamon in there you would probably like this? I am quite pleased with it, even on a night when it isn't actually cold enough for hot chocolate. Hey, food whims, I get them :D

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