October 18th, 2012

b/g - in the library

random strings of things

ok, these are the things right now

  • holy crap, how about that debate.... actually, how about the insta-meme of lady-binders (binders full of women) that happened like three seconds afterwards.  way to meme internet!  I get to vote by absentee ballot and it came in the mail last week
  • test last week - did NOT do as well as I wanted, but did better on speaking portion and written portion than I expected.
  • test next week - HOLY CRAP ANOTHER TEST.  i'll start studying next week.
  • i think i might be getting better at Japanese you guys!
  • there is a specialty coffee roaster down the street and I bought coffee from him sat.  He's been to LA once, for one day, and went to the cafe in my neighborhood (Intelligentsia).  SMALL WORLD
  • I did a three minute presentation on liking cats more than dogs this week. *hangs head*  it was just that my presentation the week before on one of my favorite literary authors went over like a bag of bricks. Next week I'm going back to major-related crap
  • when it rains stores put out plastic covers for your umbrella, so you can stop at the store, put an umbrella cover over your dripping umbrella, and not drag water in with you when you're inside.  IT WORKS.
  • i had pancakes on saturday - so worth it.
  • Supernatural!!  I am watching you!  (it is very difficult to watch this episode by episode since I devoured the first five seasons over like three weeks).
  • Battlestar Gallactica!  I am REwatching you!  In season three already, because I watched it while I was sick.  It's an awesome show.  Though not one I feel particularly fannish about.  I'd so break off a piece of Apollo and eat him with my teeth though. OMG.
roommate has OKed me having a party at the house, but wants me to have it in the afternoon so there isn't a chance of someone staying over if they miss the trains.  (also she has said she will hide in her room because it's a whiskey tasting party and she doesn't want to hang around while other people are drinking whiskey).  Poll #xxxx What should I do?
now, i apologize to all those who are seeing this in a weird font, since i'm using the html editor for the poll.  but onto homework.... (well, after i do the dishes, and possibly take a shower).  see, life in japan, it's like scintillating, isn't it?

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