October 31st, 2012

b/g - in the library

Fire, fear, foes! Awake!

fear: The dog tripped my mom on a walk last Friday night, and she fell and got a couple of hairline fractures in her pelvic bone. There was a bit of chaos at the beginning - she was trying to make arrangements for the dog while in stuck in the hospital the middle of the night with her body totally hurting her. We've been able to talk every day since then and she's been back at home for a day, settling in and making arrangements to handle being off her feet for the next couple of weeks entirely. Honestly, she's pretty amazing and is working her way one by one through all of the things she needs to, but I still wish I could do more than be on the phone with her.

fire: One of the apartments in my grandfather's complex got set on fire this weekend as well. Luckily he wasn't affected much (though I guess his apartment smells like smoke) and is totally safe, but it was like apocalypse weekend.

foes: speaking of that, I've been watching hurricane coverage and photos and facebook and worrying about everyone who is affected by the weather in the States. I hope y'all were/are as safe and protected and made it through ok.

awake: ok, so, ANYONE WHO HAS A DIRECT LINK TO MY ARTWORK BEWARE - AFTER 03/2013 THOSE IMAGES WILL BE GONE - Due to LJ's most recent beta-feature (a modified "friends" page that strips custom design and turns it into a bad copy of facebook/tumbler/delicious) I won't be renewing my paid account. This means I will lose my scrapbook (where I host all of my fan images). I will be looking for a new image host, but all the current links will eventually be broken on 3/2013. Sorry guys. As soon as Dreamwidth offers an image hosting option, I'll be buying that and uploading/transferring things there, to be sure, but they're a ways off (and that's ok with me, i will wait for them).

i haven't been a huge prostelizer of Dreamwidth, but I am now - please consider getting an account over there if you don't have one, and cross posting? I'll help you set it up if you want? it takes like 10 min at the most. I don't want to lose friends, but when the new design goes live I won't be checking my LJflist.

also posted to dreamwidth | you can reply here or there | um, but don't worry, i'm still an lj girl