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for poshlil, who wanted to know my thoughts on music, what kind of music I like when I'm stressed or angry (or any other time).

See, the first thing you have to know about me is that I'm a horrible music person.  Although I listen to music, and my tastes are pretty eclectic, I don't... do that thing that most people do.  You know, the thing where you find new music and download it/buy it, or where you pick artists and then go find other artists like them?  I don't do any of that.  Take me into a music store and I'm bored before I walk through the door.  And I don't memorize lyrics.  Much of the time I don't hear them properly, and I just don't retain them either.  I don't remember the names of the artists in the bands I like.  I don't look at their band photos and even really recognize them, I don't pay attention to their careers.  I don't really like seeing bands in concert after the first 20 minutes or so.  I don't know if it's that I didn't have that kind of a musical education when I was younger, or that I have a crappy attention span or what.  And I just ... yep, I listen to the music, and I like it, but I don't do any of that other stuff.  I'm also pretty resistant to new stuff when I'm not in the mood.  And unless I'm in Neil's car and he pops a new CD in, there is practically no time when I'm in the mood.

that being said, when I used to be annoyed or stressed in LA I tended to listen to very loud pounding music (or that's what I consider it), turned up pretty high in the headphones.

Favorites from that time period:
Before that, I used to plunk in Miles Davis' album Kind of Blue to start every single day.  Seriously, it didn't feel like morning unless I was playing that album. 

These days, though, I tend not to listen to music when I'm writing/working.  The concepts are complex enough that I don't want to distract myself.  If I do anything while I'm *working* (which is when I'm most stressed out) I throw on the "chamber music" channel of our cable and listen to that.  Give me a string quartet any day.

now, as for other times....

I have this stuff I like to call Sunday music.  It's the kind of stuff you listen to on a warm (but not too warm) summer day, when the sun is out and you're going to garden or go driving, or laze around and watch the birds fly by in the backyard.  For that it has to be people like:
  • Cake - Everything they've ever done, but I love Fashion Nugget, especially their covers of songs like Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps (song)
  • Gomez (band page)  - this is my ALL time favorite band on the planet, and there are only like three songs they've ever written that I won't listen to.  They're brit pop (which is entirely different from any other pop on the planet) and they're one of the few bands I actually WANT to go see in concert (and one of the few that's ever held my attention through an entire show).  LOVE.  for all occasions, actually.
  • Soul Coughing (band page) - the other band that basically stole my heart and didn't give it back.  Ruby Vroom is one of the best albums, EVER.  And many people have actually heard me say this before, but Screen Writer's Blues (song) is my anthem song for Los Angeles.  I can't even catalog the number of memories it encapsulates from the early days when we ended up crashed on Ricky and Tassa's couch at 4 am, to working the late nights on the 37th floor of the Century City Towers, watching the sky turn purple. 
  • Matisyahu (band page) -  I know I've mentioned him before.  His voice is cool, I love the way he sounds, and the love in the songs.
  • Beck - Loser (song) - I love this song.  It's one of the few I'll sing along to and actually, you know, remember the words.

Now for the most important category - what do I listen to when I walk?

This has become the most important way I listen to music these days - either walking the dog (which is a 50 minute stretch a couple of times a week) or walking from parking to campus (which can be anywhere from a 5-20 min walk, at least 4 days a week).  For both I want music that's going to make me smile, get me up and going, and ... excited.

  • So, of course, the Prodigy is on there (see above), and Foo Fighters, and Gomez
  • Tullycraft - Disenchanted Hearts Unite (album) - two years ago I was introduced to this genre of music called "twee".  Tullycraft can be ... too perky for me to listen to sometimes.  Other days?  It is the perfect thing to set my feet to pitter pattering across the street, grinning at flowers and students and other dogs
  • A3 - Cocaine Killed My Community (song) - These are the guys who did the song for the sopranos, but that isn't what makes them cool.  They're unrepentant in everything - saving, god, drugs, and all.  Love their sound.
  • Offspring - Self Esteem (song) - So I guess Offspring polarizes people.  I can't help myself though, I love singing this song at the top of my frigging lungs.  I can't help but walk fast too.
  • Kanye West - Touch The Sky (song) and Gold Digger (song) - So this one may not seem like the others, but I love the way these songs are put together, I love the beats, I love the horns, I love the unrepentance.  They are what they are, awesome.

(oh, and lvm, all my links are from because I'm too lazy to go find them elsewhere)

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