my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

what's that? is that a finish line over there?

So, by this time tomorrow I will be done with my papers.  I may have a lingering translation hanging around, but ... I will be DONE. 

Now, the bad news - I didn't get a TAship for next semester.  I don't know where i'm going for summer.  I'm pooped.

The good news - I was offered an admin position through the school for next year that I can do with my eyes closed, which is fantastic.  The parental visit went great (although I had to work too much over the last four days to be really good company).  We only have 5 days left at summer_of_giles  and there are offers out by some very talented people to possibly pick up a couple of those.

It's my last break before I plunge back into the lovely world of prosthetics,  cyborgs and Tetsuo.  *deep breath*  NUM!

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