my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Five fictional women who are my heroes

(from antennapedia - please everyone, consider yourselves *tagged*)
  • Aerin, from Robin McKinley's The Hero and the Crown because not only does she fight dragons and wield a sword, she is funny and bright and quite often afraid and does everything (including falling in love twice) anyway.
  • Lessa, from Anne McCaffrey's Pern novels (particularly Dragonflight).  She's tenacious, she builds her own family and life bit by bit, and she makes the big, crazy, scary decisions and then carries them out.
  • Paksenarrion, from Elizabeth Moon's The Deed of Paksenarrion (it's three books compiled together).  She's wounded doing something that she ought, and hurt so bad and so deeply but even at the very very worst she chooses not to hurt the people around her... and then chooses life.
  • Eowyn, from Tolkien's LOTR.  It may be trite to choose a Tolkien girl, especially since one of the major complaints about his works were the lack of real women, but I've always loved Eowyn - she falls in love too easily, but she's the one person in all the world who takes down the Morgul king.  The one.  And the one who recognizes Merry deserves to be part of the fight too.
  • Gina, from Pat Cadigan's Synners.  In some ways the most practical woman, the one who takes care of it all.  The one who... gets things done, even when the doing cuts out your heart.

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