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And I heard 'em say, nothing ever promised tomorrow today

Most of last week was pretty fantastic - the trip to whole foods was entirely worthwhile since we managed to feast like queens off of all the wonderful goodies we bought - imagine meals like stuffed peppers (with wild rice, mushrooms, smoky cheese, walnuts, zuccini and tomato inside), or potato knishs, or feta and spinach stuffed skirt steak, and little platters of cheeses and fresh strawberries and chopped veggies in between.  Dar and I watched all of Firefly, and then jumped right to Serenity in one crazy burst.  I managed to get myself signed up at a temp agency for summer work and then got a job for this last Friday (waking up way earlier than I'm used to).  The job itself was a total snore - not only because I hadn't gotten much sleep on Thursday night worrying about if i was going to wake up on time - but all I had to do was answer phones and read my own book.  I've even got an lj entry (hand written) around here somewhere because writing kept me awake.   Last night was some crazy family stuff that I won't get into, but today is the aftermath where all I want to do is read fic and watch tv.  Neil's home (yay!) beside me on the couch, playing video games while I type this.

Me and Daria and lostgirlslair went to the Zilker Botanical gardens on Thursday too, and I thought I'd share some of the pretty pictures we ended up with!

the lily pond out in front of the garden

the waterfalls in the "dinosaur" garden (photo by daria)

the rose garden

a possibly horny toad (which is neither a toad nor a frog, but a lizard ... who knew!?)

echinaccea flowers

opuntia cactus flower

don't know what this one is, but i'm happy with how it came out!

last, but not least, the happy silly dog as she looked up (she still hasn't gotten used to holding poses for the camera).  She had such a great time out there - chasing squirrels, walking through ponds, and sniffing all kinds of wonderful things.

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