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my own friday list

  • saw Indiana Jones tonight and quite liked it!  It did not spawn a deep seated need to break it into itty frustrated parts (like SitC).
  • managed to get some work done this week, which was great!  And working from home definitely has fantastic bonuses.  Oh, and the temp job earlier in the week was fantabulous even if it was only for three days - lots of geeky engineers to say hello to, lots of time on my hands to read my own books, and some sorting of mail.
  • I took a nose-dive into the sidewalk last night while walking the dog.  Nothing seems to be permanently broken, and I'm not really having any trouble walking.  I think I've bruised the bone though.  I'm the worst person for this type of thing because I bang my legs and knees all the time.  I've totally hit it three times since last night just by accident.
  • took myself out to the coffee shop last night to take a break and just ... be.  It was fantastic.  I didn't get much done, but I did get to hang out, listen to Miles Davis, drink coffee and rose-lemonade, and play on the internet until about 11:30.  Refreshing, really, since most of my semester was spent needing to do *work* at the coffee shop.  Getting play time in made it even nicer.
  • I don't know if you guys looked at my spring_with_xan redux post, but laazikaat, who runs the mega-Spike/Xander archive The Spander Files has awesomely added my fic graphics to the three fics I was so in love with:  Letters (by tabaqui ), Subleties (by anna_s), and Incident on the Bay of the Descending Dragon (by reremouse )
  • finally, behind the cut I give you the first Friday Feedback List from summer_of_giles !!  It's been a seriously good first week, with a huge portion of talent being displayed (and not a little bit of smut, which always makes me terribly happy).  I think this bodes incredibly well for the entire summer.  So if you're not already on the SOG comm, or aren't tired of hearing me talk about it yet, check out what was posted this week...

You know you missed it!  It's time for the first of this summer's Friday Feedback Lists!  Where we gather up all the links for the week into one handy set, just in case you missed a post.

And remember, every time you leave a little feedback you save the life of a dying fairy!  (Possibly not, but you will make an author/artist very happy, so please leave a comment and spread the love!)

+ Giles Calendar (Aug - Dec) by katekat1010
+ 12 Giles-only wallpapers by katekat1010
+ 40 Giles icons by katekat1010
+ 3 Giles banners (Giles/Jenny, Ethan, Joyce) by alwaysjbj
+ 6 more Giles banners (Giles/Dru & Giles only) by alwaysjbj
+ 24 Giles icons by alwaysjbj
+ 14 Giles icons by shannon730
+ 3 Giles wallpapers by ctorres

+ Small Ficlets (Giles/Xander, PG13) by elizabuffy
+ Reckless Ch 1, Ch 2 (Core Four, NC17) by drsquidlove
+ A Proposition (Giles/Lilah, Teen) by kivrin
+ Don't Forget (Giles/Xander UST, G) by kivrin
+ Things Said Badly in Anger (Giles/Buffy, NC17) by froxyn
+ What Love Can Do (Giles/Buffy, NC17) by froxyn
+ What I Want Ch1 (Confrontation), C2 (Ch-ch-changes) (Giles/Anya, PG13)
+ Disease Ch1, Ch2 (Giles/Buffy, NC17) by guin_ramble

and next week, you have these lovely creators to look forward to:
aaronlisa, starshine24mc, shitsu_tonka, blairprovince, lilruca, drsquidlove, gilesbabe, shannon730, faith_chaos, wickedfox, and secondalto
Tags: pimp, recs, squee

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