my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

rob brezney, this is why i love you

my horoscope for the week:

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): "I've been all over the world and have lived among every kind of culture," wrote Dan Liebert on, "and I can say, without any hesitation, that the most ignorant, rude, selfish, and self-centered people on Earth are babies." I agree with him, though I've got to add that it's senseless to get mad at babies for being such jerks. Their brains simply aren't sufficiently well-developed to be any different. This line of thought can be applied to a whole range of bad behavior by people who have technically reached adulthood: They engage in ill-advised actions not out of evil intent but because they're emotionally immature. Keep that in mind as you deal with anyone who's doing unreasonable things. Be the composed adult who's in charge of leading the big babies.

OH Rob B - this is why I'm psychically in love with you, utterly and totally.  On days when I want to ignore all the wonderful things the universe has to offer, to be small and petty and snappish, you somehow figure out a way to nail all of my snarly annoyance to the wall, to make me jerk my head up, out of my ass.  It's a tough job.  I don't envy you.

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