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I went to a mock trial yesterday - it was really fascinating.  And the bonus?  Getting paid for giving my opinion.  My opinion was contrary to the other outspoken people in the room, so it was great fun to be the voice of dissent.  It's crazy how easy people fall into types in my head though - without knowing names or backgrounds or anything that makes people unique there were people I ... recognized.  You know, the lady who's in her 50's and very particular about how things are supposed to be happening, who had some legal experience and so was annoyed that they didn't "instruct" the jury as they ought.  The woman in her mid-40s wearing a long flowered skirt and a sensible top with frizzy hair who saw things in black and white, the younger (maybe 20s) guy who slouched in his chair and was  a total idealist.  The guy whose white shirt didn't totally hide his tattoos in his 30s with sharp eyes and day-old stubble who didn't want to make decisions fast and who tried his damnedest to be fair to both sides. 

Makes me wonder what my type is.  I know I've got one, and I used to be percieved as that girl in my classes - too precocious, doesn't know how to shut up.  But at this point I'm getting too old to be qualified as "girl" anymore.  Still don't keep my mouth shut though, but I don't know if I come off as an idealist or a know it all (probably both, but I'd like to know if it's a 60/40 split or the other way around).  I had trouble staying quiet while other people made their points, I was the one who directed conversation through the first run through and made sure every one in the damn room had the chance to give their opinion at least once, and I spoke up in the first group during the debriefing.  I wonder if, in 20 years or so, I'm going to be the woman who is all uptight about the rules.  Guess I'll have to ask the question again in 20 years or so.

  • monday - went to work, amazingly enough.  Work is still ... ucky... (in the "i call businesses i don't know and hope they'll answer my questions" kind of way) but the girls in the office are starting to thaw.
  • tuesday - i was a machine of getting things done (well, mostly).  I didn't make it up to campus, but I did manage to make a bunch of calls, follow up on dog appts and cat appts and friend's work and finalized living arrangements for Tokyo.  OH, wanna see where I'm staying?  At the Tohto Guest House in Kami-itabashi!
  • wednesday - another long day at work, but I seem to be getting into a partial rhythm.  It's not quite so bad to get up for it, and not so bad to be there, and not so bad to have to do the work.  I turned out double the number of leads on Wednesday as I did on Monday, too, so that helps.  Little crazy stuff to come home to, sadly, but the world is not a perfect place, and I holed up in my room and read and tried to translate for most of the night.
  • thursday - should have been a great day.  Got to see my advisor (*love*), but I was too thwacked from the night before to get my translation done.  She took pity on me, and instead of working on it we actually sat and gabbed, and it was a great breath of fresh air.  I was still tired and just worn down, but still - hanging out with people you like? never bad.
  • friday - back to work.  didn't eat lunch (though I took it - they keep the offices so cold that I'd rather get out into the heat for a half an hour in my car than stay there for 8 straight hours).  
  • saturday - we bought Rock Band!!  Well, Neil bought Rock band - and we actually formed a band and played for about three hours.  They kind of just slipped by.  Then we went to Wanted (the current Angelina vehicle) and it was ... GREAT!  The kind of great where you go in expecting some car chases and some cool gun fights and nothing else and you get that and some odd things along with.  Perfect little movie, and exactly what I wanted.
  • sunday - oh, today.  i haven't done much today.  goofed around, played a little rock band, cleaned a little, and played on the computer.  Yep.  LAZY.
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