my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

sometimes when I wake up my mind is wiped clean from the worries of yesterday - like an open blank canvas where the murky colors of my dreams leave water-colored splotches that fade as I brush my teeth.

then yesterday, and yesterday's yesterday comes trickling back in, like the volume in one of those cars that adjusts for speed - the faster I wash my face and walk out into the living room the quicker my brain seems to come alive.

this morning, though, i woke up with an Oasis song already in my head from yesterday, and the world was already at my beck and call before I touched coffee.  Things I told myself I have to remember -

  • i leave in 12 days for Tokyo
  • how does the wallpaper i was up until 3 am making last night look in the morning?
  • will every song we practice on Rock Band get stuck in my head that way or just the Oasis songs?
  • It's time, far past time, for me to do laundry
  • the dog is limping less, thank god, and she's going to be one of the people I miss a whole lot when I'm gone for a month
  • the dishes are never ending
  • My boyfriend is unhealthily interested in gameshows.  Unhealthily, I tell you.
  • Leaving for Japan doesn't seem real, but it will be.
  • we watch way too much reality TV - TLC, TLC, TLC.
what about you?  how do you wake up?  does it take that first sip of caffeine before your eyes open?

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