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school, school, school!

In my usual fantastic way I found out today that I start school tomorrow (instead of the time I thought - Friday).  Just in the nick of time!  Luckily I managed to hid my start of surprise since I was in a meeting for the class I'm TAing, trying to sound competent.  Hopefully I skidded just under their radar. 

It is going to be an interesting semester since I'm TAing for one class with two professors - one who's our dean and the other who comes at things in an entirely different way than I do.  Luckily all I have to do is show up to class, grade papers and tests.

So there's that, and then there's:

1) the Japanese literary criticism class I'm taking from my advisor - this time it's in translation!  Woot!

2) the Japanese class I didn't pass last year I'm going to be redoing this semester with my classical Japanese professor, and I'm grinning from ear to ear at the thought.  For some reason I'm not as shy around him with my questions and curiosities and confusions than I am with the other Japanese professors.  Not only that we're going to be reading INTERESTING stories, actual literary stories, written by authors I like!

3) the Kaplan GRE test prep I signed up for on tuesday nights since I haven't touched even slightly higher math in the last 10 years

4) I have to pick a handful of grad schools to go to... so when I complete the GRE test I have somewhere to SEND the scores.  Then email the professors that work there, find out more about the programs, and, you know, apply.

5) OH, my thesis research!  Yeah.

6) Family things - Neil's birthday, my mom's September visit, my birthday... all kinds of crazy action ;)

7) write and present my Tetsuo paper at TWO different conferences - and I think I'd better do that this weekend or my entire brain is going to explode every time I look at my paper proposal.

Wow, when I write it all out ... it's not a small list.  And that's just the big stuff!
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