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Japanese / SciFi Links found 8/27 *

* I'm starting to actually do research this semester.  And sadly, I already have a massive, overwhelming list of bookmarks... so it's not really constructive of me to keep everything there.  Instead I thought I'd put them in my LJ, that way I have a chance in heck of remembering what I found and why it's important.  We'll see how it goes.  I'll try to put everything behind a cut so no one is bombarded with long lists.  And who knows?  some of you might like this stuff, right?

Science Fiction Studies #88, Vol 29, Part 3, Nov 2002  Special Issue - Japanese Science Fiction
Annoyingly all the cool articles are not available.  I need to figure out of this journal is available through the library and make a copy of the entire thing for myself.  There's just a wealth of information that I'd like to read incorporated into all of these essays (even if a third of them are on manga / anime - grr)

Online Sites:
SF/F & Publishing News - List of Seiun Award winners for 2006. 
Seiun Awards are the Japanese Hugos, so there have to be some people in here who are writing things I'd want to read / translate, use as examples.  If only I could find their names listed elsewhere online!
Not sure if it's worth taking a deeper look, because I haven't done more than glance at it, but I'm curious if they have Delany in there (and if he's not, why isn't he there).  They do have an Asian Authors index probably worth returning to.  Saikaku's on there, which is funny and good (but since he was writing in Edo period... lol)
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