my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

weird meme / the state of me

i couldn't decide if i'm going to include the questions or not, cuz the whole "email me the questions" things seems laborious, but apparently I am a sheep (which really, sometimes is what meme-ing is all about isn't it?).

1) Ask for the questions and you shall receive.
2) If you receive you must reciprocate.
3) Give only one name per answer (whoops, i messed this one up a little)

01. crazydiamondsue

02. elizabuffy - oh, and dhrantzsnash_attack , gray_ghost , sonder

03. savyotruffle

04. secondalto

05. poshlil, entrenous88

06. twilightofmagic

07.  snapcakedeb

08.  sahiya , shehasathree

09.  mireille719 , soft_princess , mishloran , apothespisis

10. missmurchison , eurydice72 , emeraldswan ... and all the mommies on my flist, really.

11. this one doesn't really apply to anyone on my list, i don't think

12. applies to *everyone* on my list

13. no one on my flist has this kind of a snobby complex.

14. elizabuffy !!

15.   mechassninja

16.  sahiya , missmurchison , fastfwd  (in a good way, promise)

17. umm, this seems like a negative, and so no one on my flist.

18.  elizabuffy !  my favorite one!

19.  antennapedia

20.  aesiron , sonder

21.  lostgirlslair , mechassninja , snash_attack , replicant_rasa  heck, the whole flist in one way or another. 

22. replicant_rasa , reremouse

23.  umm, i don't have those anymore.

24. i don't have those period.

25. ariyanakylstram

26. well, as much as i like flirting, i'm not going here.

27.  katekat1010  (i'm not qualified to say for anyone else i don't think)

28.  intellectually i get it, emotionally, no one.

29.  snash_attack

30. I'm seriously lucky to have each and every one of you in my life

The mom (mine!) is here for a visit and so far it's been a lovely day - I dragged her to class with me, we had a great time, and then we goofed around the house while I half heartedly did translation.  It's going to be a bit of a weird visit since I'm pretty overwhelmed with work right now, but that's ok, because it's worth it just to spend time together. 

The plan for the week (we'll see how this goes):
Sat:  hit a lovely coffee place for breakfast, then take the puppy to her "tail-gate" party
Sun: who knows?  paper writing at a coffee shop?
Mon: back to class for me - and possibly with a Mom in tow
Tues: maybe an adventure during the day, but I'm trying to do both Kaplan AND Tokyo Gore Police that night  ... gonna be a long night
Wed:  Mom's coming to class with me, and then I'm doing a mock presentation of Tetsuo in the afternoon (eek!)... and possibly a b-day dinner for her
Thurs: Grad seminar in the afternoon, possibly another dinner...
Friday: class in the morning, workshop in the afternoon, and mom's departing :(

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