my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

notes from the debate (and life)

I think it was Saturday Night Live that suggested the less Palin knows the cuter she gets, and good god did the woman have to start with a wink???  EEUGH.

I automatically hate everything that's coming out of her mouth (or am suspicious of it).  What I fear?  That the uninformed think that she's a straight talker who did just great.

Not the fucking "meet without preconditions" thing again.  OH MY GOD is that ALL you can come up with??

Ha, we're fighting terrorists, securing democracy and building schools in Afghanistan?? Please.  (at least Joe read the paper today about how the Surge won't work there)

I HATE her "oh gee, i'm just an outsider and i just don't get what you do".    Oh no, she's going to use the silly grin again... damn her.

Dude, McCain did NOT win the Vietnam war.  WTF?  He doesn't know how to win a war just because he has experience being a soldier.

my favorite quote from the peanut gallery - our couch - "according to her, International Policy is like a bar fight in Alaska"

Joe Biden, you kinda rocked it out.  Sadly, I'm pretty sure the polls are going to say that Palin did just fine - cuz as much as she said things I violently object to, she wasn't stupid.

Tomorrow I leave for the first conference, and get to stand up in front of people and play Tetsuo for them.  Life is awesome.  Sadly, I'm also feeling a little sick, and am dosing myself with tons of vitamin c and zycam in the hopes that I'll be able to keep it at bay.  Otherwise I'll be giving my talk while I'm feeling like crap.  *fingers crossed that doesn't happen*

This week has been really crazy for some reason.  But if I can just make it through this one *and the next* (which includes a second talk, a conference, a birthday, and a birthday party), I'll be home free.

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