my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

yesterday was the day from hell for some reason - the kind of day where I woke up late and couldn't even decide what to wear.  I attributed my problems with clothes to the new hair color (thus casting a pall on the crazy fantastic color job and beautiful haircut gifted to me by my roommate), and ended up actually changing my outfits like three times.  This is something I don't do.  Just don't.  But I did yesterday.

Thus started the string of things that felt slightly off kilter - many things to do, and I checked them off the list, but normally when that kind of day happens I have a sense of accomplishment, of having got things done.

I did actually check things off my list.  I made it to class, reformatted the print programs and got them to print (not without some wrangling because apparently UT has both a University Printing AND a University Copy and the two are entirely different entities even though they both do the same kind of thing.)  Studied kanji like a demon and pretty much aced my first kanji quiz (i mean actually gave myself plenty of time to study and then finally had that *click* of getting all 100 words into the brain.  I even had translation prepped for the discussion period, and more than knew what was going on.  Still though, class discussion was somehow like pulling teeth, and the questions I had didn't really get answered, in part because our professor is more interested in discussing interpretations than helping us with the grammar (or at least that's what it felt like).  And I'm game for that most of the time, but it was frustrating yesterday.  Then after, having the professor ask me what Japanese papers were being given, and I couldn't answer even though I'm one of the conference organizers.... UGH.  Then knowing that not only did I need to go home and go to the grocery store, but I also had to do reading for my seminar and study for another kanji quiz and then take the dog for a walk and then look at least two colleges on my "should i go there list". 

And I got home and the housemate had spent all day cleaning the house and it was beautiful.  And I can be honest here and admit that when I got home and it was super clean it was a huge sigh of relief, because it was getting a little ookie.  Unfortunately for some reason it also made me feel like I was the one who'd created the mess because it was all of my stuff that covered the dinning room table and made things look messy.  So I did this little mental dance -- the one that says "i don't have a ton of places in my house to put things of my own" (they're all shared spaces - a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom all shared).  and then the other side that says I'm spread all over the house - it's all things that I love in all of those rooms.  Both true - I have a desk in our bedroom right now that's our workspace, and

Today though, today was a good. day -- one of those good days that I expected yesterday. 

Made it awake this morning relatively on time, got breakfast and a bagel, met with students about their papers, took my kanji quiz, finished the reading for class and even squeaked in a surprise meeting with the coordinator from the Conference from Hell.   Had a fantastic time in class reading everything in super close form (and finding out our translations were strange things indeed compared to the Japanese), and had a lovely conversation with my advisor while giving her a ride home.  OH, and one of my friends in the program gave me flowers for my birthday!!  How cool is that?

Got home, loved my family, and am working on homework for next week so that I can be prepared.  Life is definitely looking up.  Best of all, I get to play all day tomorrow at making the Conference from Hell a fun event, then get to give my Tetsuo talk (again!).  Best of all, I'm getting nummy food tomorrow night... and possibly stopping by the Asian Studies party after.



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