my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

yes, i am alive, why do you ask?

checking in from the lands of the half dead ... first off...

THANK YOU to all of you who sent me happy birthday wishes!!  I adore you all and I suck for not responding, but I appreciated every single wish, seriously.

and (so i don't keep forgetting)

happy belated birthday to those two most wonderful women, soft_princess   and kivrin  (i'm sorry i missed greeting you on the days)
and happy early birthday to that talented (if a bit quiet and permanently introspective) of men keysersoze5050
and and even earlier happy birthday to miss emeraldswan because i don't want to forget and i'm worried I will!

First off I had one of those thursdays that were great, and then at midnight I got to open a present!!!  And it was N. Katherine Hayles' book about subjectivity in the postmodern world!! 

Friday morning I was out of the house by 7:30 or so for the conference, and spent most of the day doing that giddy event stuff where you run around getting things done because the event you've planned for an entire year is finally coming to fruition.  Most people at the conference were having a grand time, and even the woman who annoys me was in a good mood and didn't annoy me, so it was all in all fantastic.

And then I got to do my talk again!  And Neil and D were there (along with another friend - I'm the only one of our grad students that actually has an audience that isn't part of the department) and even though I gave a 26 minute talk (we were only supposed to do 15) i NAILED IT.  It was fantastic and fun.

Then Neil and D took me out to dinner at one of the loviliest little places ever - Zoot Restaurant - where I got my birthday dosage of fois gras (oooo so tasty!!) with blackberries and a rice pudding, and a fantastic steak with potatoes and spinach, and an absolutely beautiful and perfect flourless chocolate cake.  MMMMM.

sadly, the bad news was by the end of the night I'd started feeling a cold come on, so I stayed up long enough to open my other presents (and I will not cooo over them here but I'm so stoked!) and then went to bed in the hopes I'd be willing to get up and work Day II of the conference on Sat.

Except when I woke on Sat, I was not going anywhere.  They didn't really need me anyway, and so I dosed myself with C and liquids and teas and soups and kept my fingers crossed that I was going to be feeling better.

I'd also wanted to actually, you know, celebrate my birthday with my friends, so on Sunday we had a picnic.  I was feeling slightly better after Sat's rest and rest and more rest, and the day was absolutely beautiful, and everyone came out and brought yummy food and we goofed around outside talking and sitting on blankets and it was exactly as I'd pictured it (well, ok, my throat wasn't quite as scratchy in my head, but still) it was picture perfect.  Mochie flew the kite lostgirlslair brought, and our other friends played frisbee, and Domino the puppy an amazing time running around with everyone and probably getting fed way too much people food.

And I've not gone anywhere for the last two days.  The itchy-painful throat came back with a vengance on Sunday, so I ended up trying not to talk at all, watched a lot of bad TV, and hoped it would move somewhere else in my body just so I could swallow without fear.

Of course, with hopes like that, something's going to happen - now I have a bronchial cough that I think is actually close to ... truly bronchial.  I'm going to a real doctor this afternoon to get myself checked out, and missing my kaplan class to boot.

So, I'm still here but I haven't actually had enough energy to even face the computer until this morning, and I'm figuring that after this I'm going to be heading back into the gentle quiet of the bedroom for a nap prior to my dr's appointment.  But I'm still alive, promise, and doing well, if still overwhelmed.
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