my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

dude i got pretties!!!

as part of her posting day today at gilesxander, the awesome and talented lostgirlslair made a pretty for my (someday, promise it will be completed) silly fic The New Men.


How cool is that?  And it's frigging BEAUTIFUL!!!

Other than that i have a big study day planned tomorrow - including coffee shop time.  YAY.  that's all.  Hope everyone is having a lovely evening.

ETA:  forgot to add these are the books that came from the evil Amazon today, so study time will include them:
Train Man / Densha Otoko (the movie)
My Mother was a Computer: Digital Subjects & Literary Texts N. Katherine Hayles
Screening Space: The American Science Fiction Film Vivian Sobchack
The Midnight Eye Guide to New Japanese Film Tom Mes & Jasper Sharp
Technologies of the Gendered Body:  Reading Cyborg Women Anne Balsamo
Tags: squee

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