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... last thursday.  But this is proof!  Even if you can't see any of our "I voted" stickers.  Our county does early voting and it was a creepy breeze.  The crazy part is that 50% of voters in our county used early voting, so that's half the people actually at the polls today.  I thought that it was going to be anticlimactic because there wasn't that rush of fellow feeling, that standing-in-line camaraderie.  But trust me, I still had chills actually picking Obama for President. 

Now I'm restraining myself from turning on the TV just so I don't obsess.

In case anybody noticed, I dissappeared again, I know.  I've been creating (completely inadequate) artwork for my posting day at fall_for_sx and that plus the whole teeth biting fear that I have to pick a grad school (oh, and research for that), along with another set of 70 essays from ... well let's just say "the class" that this time might be able to successfully write it's way out of a paper bag, I hope ... I've been swamped, overwhelmed, and without sleep.  We did more doggie training last Sat (and really, it's an expensive human trainer, but if we end up with happy relationships with our dog in the end, it all works).  GRE is next week, applications due Dec 5th, registration for Spring 09 happened somewhere in there (I'm taking one class - a film class - called Weird Science).  The avalanche of work seems to be getting bigger, not smaller.

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