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i don't think i've ever really done this, but since i'm procrastinating, here's my thoughts on the things I'm watching right now.... (everything behind a cut since I'm potentially spoiling up to most recent eps and being annoyed and probably unpopular)

True Blood   I don't really expect anything out of this show except for some vampires and some sex and possibly both at the same time -- so far it hasn't dissapointed.  Even the end of the season left me satisfied.  They managed to wrap up the killer and even though they'd hit you over the head with it in the previous weeks, I loved Arlene crying with mascarra running off the chart because she just does not pick nice men.  And oh god, I love the little girl that Bill vamped - I hope she stays as awesome as she seems.  Not that I'd want to mind her for a minute, and she shouldn't take up huge screen time, but she's the fantastic little needle that pokes holes in the balloon of Bill's whole persona.  I go back and forth between really liking Sookie and really wanting to slap her, but since I don't expect much it works.  Either that or I'm a sucker for vampires, no matter if their vampire-teeth are on the wrong teeth or not.

Heroes I'm saying it.  I'm sorry I'm saying it, but I'm just ... BORED.  Really bored with Claire this season (also, is she wearing a wig?  because her hair is doing a weird comb over thing and I wondered), really bored with the Surresh "i'm turning into Spiderman but with more goo" crap (and tonight, when he got changed back, his first impulse was to look up Maia?  REALLY??  BORING.)  I wanted to like Sylar, and so far he's been the highlight (although the bakstory thing was really lame.  Felt like ret-con even though I don't think it totally was, was it?).  Also could not care less about the Senator's life at all.  And Peter... oh Peter.  You're just so full of angst and you ahve been for the entire fucking time the show has been on... get over the angst.  I think the only thing I get out of the show right now is a chance to play "match the subtitles" when they're speaking in Japanese.  And I'm horrified to be writing this but I don't even care what happens to Hiro anymore.  The regression to 10 years old was shocking when it happened but now he's even MORE childlike and ... ack.  Also, for an eclipse that took 5 minutes to arrive it's taking a DAMN long time to pass over the sun.

My Own Worst Enemy It's another one of the ones that I don't really expect much from though, so that's probably part of it.  Maybe if I had higher standards I'd be critiquing the see saw nature of it all, but so far I'm happy that tonight was gadget filled, that I only felt like yelling at the TV once for the fact that the tech guy sent the decripted image to his boss without looking at it (please, as if geeky curiousity would ever not look at that), and it may have had the sappy turkey-day thankfulness at the end but usually it's not quite that sappy and that's kind of cool.  The only thing that's a little bit of a bummer is there's no way they could maintain Edward's totally emotionless detachment and the parent thing looks like it's going to be lame.  But we shall see.

Friday Night Lights This show is nothing but what it is (well now that they don't have the whole Tyra/murder thing going) - high school & adult drama.  Totally awesome in that "I can't look away from it" kind of way.

CSI I am SO tired of Grisim moping.  I know he's got a crap ton on his plate, and I know its been like seven seasons and the guy has to have some emotional arc, but oh gods I wish for the guy who was analytical and unable to do anything but see a case in clear detail.  And talk about bugs.  And find cool solutions to problems.  I still only watch the thing for the pseudo science  of solving things, and it still does that, it just interrupts it with a Grisim that looks hang dog.

90210 It is lame.  It's totally the teen-issue a week formula.  It is totally about the pretty (and unhealthily skinny) people.  It resolves most of its problems within an episode, and so every episode is just chalked full of evils cropping up left and right.  And yet when the tivo captures it, even though my brain cells may actually be dive bombing themselves in protest, i lift my eyes above the computer screen.  Luckily everything they've done has made it so I dont' actually like a single character.  I used to like Silver, but I can see the whole "cheating boyfriend" issue on the way in an episode or two, and she's just going to handle that like crap, isn't she?  That's what the whole show is about.

That's all the fiction (that's not in re-run).  If I listed reality shows you'd probably start to wonder how I get homework done.

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