my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

i took the day off to read a book. a non school book.

It's a weird feeling, choosing something because I'm interested in it and not because it's on a reading list.  It was the last week of classes, and I have one paper left.  I never, ever, want to have to experience the last week of classes right after thanksgiving ever again.

Sat - wrote & published fic, researched for a presentation (5 papers read, woot), started a REAL draft of my Statement of Purpose, read my frosh final papers
Sun - translated kanji for the last kanji quiz, reread half of "Snakes and Earrings" to choose a translation passage, re-read my frosh final papers
Mon - returned papers, and read and graded the half-dozen that came in via email, met students in office hrs, went to the transcripts office four different times to get transcripts printed (their printers were out), and made it to class
Tues - finally finished my first (rough rough) draft of my statement of purpose, did four translations for my class on Thursday, made sure my online UBC & USC applications were done.
Wed - I taught class!  On Korean Religions.  Something I know nothing about (but had spent a day educating myself on - ha). Memorized 100 kanji in 40 minutes, took the quiz, spent the next hour translating three pages, made it to class to finish discussing the story, came home to arrange prep my translation excercise.  Oh, yeah, and worked on the statment of purpose when I got home.
Thurs - Woke up, revised statement of purpose into a Research proposal.  Printed at Kinko's in an orgy of fun, sent my USC app off via fed ex, went to seminar, came home and spent the night work on my final project for Reading in Japanese amid strange housematy circumstances.
Friday - last class of the semester!  Showed up for the class I ta'd only to have to leave right away since they did evals.  That gave me more time to head to kinkos, print out the UBC application w/research proposal, send IT off, meet with a student for advising, then head to my advisor's house for an end of the semester discussion that went from 2:30 - 7:30.   After that I spent an hour at Whole Foods, buying dinner but forgetting what I was doing half of the time... I managed to make it home with food though so I did something right.

It may not have sounded like all that much, but the brain-output for this week has been enormous.  One last thing and some grading next week and I'm all done.  I look forward to that end of the semester moment when I can twirl around and say "I have nothing to do!"

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