my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

dude, body swapping (and other updates)

Ok, so the short version is that my plane last night was grounded forever for mechanical difficulties, so I went back home, collapsed from airport-stress, and left the house at 8 so i could get to the airport for a rescheduled flight (and then got to wait for the fog to clear and our plane to board in 10 min or so, which would be 12:10 pm)

Now, crazy stuff out from cyberpunk review - they've done a body swap!:

The concept of an individual swapping his or her body with that of another person has captured the imagination of writers and artists for decades. Although this topic has not been the subject of investigation in science, it exemplifies the fundamental question of why we have an ongoing experience of being located inside our bodies. Here we report a perceptual illusion of body-swapping that addresses directly this issue. Manipulation of the visual perspective, in combination with the receipt of correlated multisensory information from the body was sufficient to trigger the illusion that another person's body or an artificial body was one's own. This effect was so strong that people could experience being in another person's body when facing their own body and shaking hands with it. Our results are of fundamental importance because they identify the perceptual processes that produce the feeling of ownership of one's body. 

[ full text of findings here  ]
Tags: cyberpunk

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