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and so the spam begins

I'm in a warm house, with football on the TV (this is not by my choice, but the BF is a fan, and it means I find other things to do than watch TV), my mom is on one side with a book about eastern religion, and my D is on the other with a book about graffiti artists.

The best kept secret of the house is that my mom, master of many talents, has cornered the market on breakfast for the WIN.  The first morning she was here she did a simple scramble with spinach, tomatoes and cheese, the second morning we did waffles and butcher's thick-cut bacon (the only way to go, as far as I'm concerned), and there were three perfectly (and I mean PERFECTLY) done fried eggs.  Buttery, seasoned to perfection (so much so that Neil didn't even object to the pepper the way he usually does). 

But this morning?

We got fresh potato pancakes, perfectly formed, crisped to a fantastic golden color on the outside and cheesy and warm on the inside, parmesian scrambled eggs done to a soft fluffy perfection, and the rest of the bacon.  

If only breakfast was this way every day.

Now, for your entertainment, linksies:

The Bush-Shoe Game (not for conservatives w/out a sense of humor)

I Made This. You Play This. We are enemies.  The best po-mo game I've ever played.  Don't expect to win.  Don't expect to understand.  Just ... play.

Uncontrollable Semantics.  From the same digital/web artist (Jason Nelson) it's just ... beautiful.  I spent almost half an hour going from word to work and playing with the patterns and un-patterns.  Rootshape is my FAVORITE word.

play!  enjoy!
Tags: family, pimp

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