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a whole year in review... words and pictures


February: and... 2 manips, made yesterday, posted today [ha, artwork, what's that?]

March: All together like this it's even more ... wow. I did have a bit of a fanfic crazy week, [from the time I was tracking my fic reading habits]

April: + edits to 3 classmate papers [a list of my school to dos that were done]

May: and yet, I can't help myself.... [list more things]

June: We're watching the Bachelorette right now because that's what summer-TV has done to us.

July: sometimes when I wake up my mind is wiped clean from the worries of yesterday - like an open blank canvas where the murky colors of my dreams leave water-colored splotches that fade as I brush my teeth.

August: Ok, so... anybody ever read anything about a place in Tokyo and wanted to go there?

September: first things first, elizabuffy and poshlil (and any other Willow/Tara shippers on my flist) you should go check out this beautiful and heartrending W/T picspam by mouthfullofdust ... it goes through all of their time together through the whole show.

October: I think it was Saturday Night Live that suggested the less Palin knows the cuter she gets, and good god did the woman have to start with a wink??? EEUGH. [notes from the Biden-Palin debate]

November: WE VOTED!!

December: I encountered Tsukamoto Shinya's 1989 cyberpunk/horror film Tetsuo: The Iron Man for the first time in a small literature class at the University... [from my statement of purpose]



manips I need to say anything more?
[ full size ]
[ source ]

faith: pouting girl
[full size]

title: Samurai Spike*
[ source ]

spike&xander: Dinner for Two
[ full size - 863x572 ]


banner 1: giles/faith believe

banner 2: buffy/giles burn

banner 3: riley: my hero


1280x1024 l 1280x800 l 1024x768

1280x1024 l 1280x800 l 1024x768

1280x1024 l 1024x768

fic tributes

by tabaqui
Spike/Xander, NC17

1280x1024 l 1024x768 l book cover

by Anna S. (eliade )
Spike/Xander, NC17

1280x1024 l 1280x800 l 1024x768 l book cover

Why Do You Breathe?**
by savoytruffle
Giles/Xander, Mature

 1280x1024 l 1280x800 l 1024x768 l book cover
(photos:  top left - Mopti boats & river, top right: Timbuktu, bottom left: Dogon Country huts)

by glimmergirl
Giles/Buffy, Mature/R

style 1 - 1280x1024 l 1280x800 l 1024x768 l book cover

** please go here to see the full tributes to these fics

From the series I did for tabaqui and reremouse's No More Snakes and Ladders:

* please go here to see the full tribute with all chapter artwork

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