my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

checking in... and stuff....

there was superbowl action.  there was very little work done on the thesis until today (in which I finally got some work done and now the outline + text is somewhere around 34 pages ... and backed up to google docs in case the unthinkable happens).  there was coffee, lots of it, and dog walking.  there was paperwork, and the possibility (completely unconfirmed) that I might have gotten into another college.  there was a weekend seminar where i, once again, was the lone voice crying out in a forest of historians for literary interpretation.  and the last two days there has been, blessedly, a little rain falling.

oh, and in random shots in the dark: I like Giles as as a dommy lover but don't think he'd ever really be firmly in one camp or another enough to be a true "top" or "bottom", I don't mind twitter posts, I am finally finding more Highlander fic (but I really miss buffyverse writers - where are you guys? ), I miss photoshop and lots of livejournal discussion, I don't really like facebook but can't seem to resist it, I don't get any work done at home, and I'm waiting for dorkbot Austin to start.

and these are the things that have fascinated me in passing:

and there you have it. life, in five minutes and four bullet points

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