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ZOO Picspam!

Ok, it's only like 10 pictures, but they were the ones that came out.... so I give you...

Pigs from the petting zoo.  LOOK AT THOSE FACES!

a pig-deer (thusly named not for it's face, but because of it's feet)

the evil goat!  No, he was really sweet actually, but look at that tongue!  and those eyes!

ring tailed-lemur.  need i say anything more?  I think not!

ring-tailed lemur TWO.  He was AWESOME.  Just hanging out and watching us.  they are so my favorite animals at the zoo.

this is the awesome pair of lions who were dead to the world (though they did move! to stretch)  so like my cat.  why can't we have lions as pets again?

more pigs.  they were wagging their tails!

pretty gigantic lion.  we were literally like 4 feet away. 

and, of course llama!!

and no llama spitting (though seriously, it looked like it wanted to)

The cool part about Austin Zoo is that it's actually an animal sanctuary - all of their animals were either rescued from or donated by owners that didn't take care of / didn't want them.  So even though it's not the most prestigious (and even though they don't have a TON of exotics), they're rehabilitating and providing homes for animals that started out in weird roadside zoos or private homes or from places like New Orleans (they had a couple of wolves that came to the zoo after Katrina). 
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