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Dollhouse (not the Ibsen... although I wish it was)

ruuger is running a poll over here about Dollhouse, and I thought I'd transplant my overly long comment into my own journal and see if anyone else wants to agree/disagree with me. 

So here are the problems as I see them:

1) Joss is known for cleverness, and none of that is evident on this show. Even if you don't like them, Buffy (for sure), Angel (to greater or lesser degree) and Firefly can all be recognized as (for lack of a better word) clever. And there is no evidence of that so far in this show - no witty repartee, no nods at the audience because he's playing with tropes (be they western-gun toting ones or lone-angsty hero ones). And I think that I was willing to have a lot of patience with some of the other things he's apt to do, if he was trying to do it while being clever.

2) Joss does better with ensembles. Even Angel really hit its stride when it was more than 3 people who were part of the mission (at least, that's my opinion :D). this is NOT an ensemble cast - they can't be, because they can't even remember each other to BE an ensemble. And the supporting characters, while interesting, don't an ensemble make.

3) This feels like straight up sensational TV. I didn't watch Pretender/DarkAngel but I did watch Alias and it seems to be in the same vein - there's the hot chick who does cool shit and a bevy of hot chicks around her, and some hot men too (hey ladies, we haven't forgotten you!) and that's IT. And said hot chick can't figure out her own issues and needs the masculine to help her and bang!wham! there's a show. Now, you could argue Buffy was like that in certain respects (look at who saves her life in season one... etc) but it had the cleverness to also be about the cheerleader who can kick ass, so I was willing to forgive it my misgivings.

4) Ok, I know this is probably me and not many others, but OH MY GOD THE CAMERA WORK IS LAME. What happened to the Joss who wanted to play with angles to create different moods? He did it in Buffy and he did it a whole ton in Firefly and he loved his long shots and what happened to that guy behind the camera?? because it's not here. This thing is so standard in terms of the camera work that it BUGS me.

5) Another thing that has continued to bother me is the way in which Joss and Co have pumped this as being "risky" in that it makes us all uncomfortable about human trafficking.  I call BULLSHIT.  So far it hasn't made anyone uncomfortable about human trafficking, because it's too busy being bad to plumb those deeper questions.  And when it has tried to do a "moral of the story" discussion it's been so blatant I felt like I was in a South Park Episode with Stan and Kyle telling me exactly what they learned today.

That all being said, I'm still watching it. There's nothing else on Friday nights. I watch other things (90210 anyone?) that I think are LAMER than this, amazingly enough, and I don't mind wasting my time with it in the hopes that it might get a little better. I don't think it'll get picked up for another season, and I'm not sure it needs to. I am so bummed that Eliza doesn't seem to have any ability to act like different people, because had she been better I might have been more willing to forgive parts of the show (but she's sadly NOT. I keep hoping, but... yeah).

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