my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

home from the funeral

I'm back from my uncle's funeral (in the glorious wilds of Witchita).  It was a pretty beautiful service, and they'd arranged for an honor guard since he was in the Marines, so they did a salute with guns and the flag and everything.  I think my favorite part was the songs sung by my grandfather's pastor though.  Very sweet. 

the rest of the time was good as well - no family drama, and there was for a short time a special kind of kinship.  And apparently my KS family have started hugging, thank goodness.  After we headed back to his apartment my grandfather got out his coin collection (among other things) and we had a great time looking at his three cent coins and pennies from the 1800s.  And staying with my aunt and her husband turned out to be the very best of choices, as they were great company and last night when we got back from Abilene we spent a couple of hours looking at pictures and sharing stories.

the fun part about going through pictures is i get ones like these (cut to save your flist).

mom and I were both wiped out from having to do the fly up, drive, funeral, drive, fly back thing, but I'm home safe despite the screaming baby behind me on the last leg of my flight.  Tired though.  very tired.

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