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Fic Graphics: Movie Poster Edition

Hi guys ... I have an offer.  I'm totally enchanted with this post and this post that have promo posters for different movies and television shows.  I would love to make some for people's fics. 

So if you'd like to have a fic poster that might turn out like this, or this, or this, or this, or this, or some combo from those pages and out of my imagination, comment with the following below:

a) title
b) your name (ie: lj name, writing handle, etc)
c) tag-line OR favorite sentence/quote from the fic
d) characters/pairing  (please give me at least two characters, but if you have a fic about an ensemble, tell me how much the others are in it so I can arrange them properly)
e) link to your fic OR
e) if the fic isn't finished, give me a general idea about what type of fic (angsty, dramatic but hopeful, action adventure) and a general summary of what happens, and if you would like 'coming soon' text on the poster

[ i'm screening comments in case you want to tell me about fic you're working on but don't want to share with the world ]

  • I'll be making the "posters" 415 w x 580 h (that's about as big as I can get a "poster" to fit on my screen without having resize issues, so I'm arbitrarily working with that size canvas), and can make you smaller "promo" sizes if you like.
  • any fandom.  ANY fandom.  :D
  • since i'll be doing these in my free time, they may not get done fast.  but since i'm interested... they may.  no promises unless you specify a date you need it by and I'll try to work to that deadline
I'll edit this entry to close if I feel like I'm getting overwhelmend with requests, so until then, ask away!

ETA: 3.22.09 I'm still taking requests! but i head back to school tomorrow, so it will likely be more like a week before i can get to requests. if you're ok with that, keep commenting.

ETA: 3.23.09 I'm closing down with current requests. If you are here and wanted one, but didn't get your request in, bookmark my tag for "my movie posters" and you'll get notified when i have time for more.
Tags: my graphics, my movie posters

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